Reinventing packaging

The packaging that helps protect and market our brands has environmental impacts throughout a chain that stretches from our suppliers, through the retailer, to the consumer and beyond.

Workers Filling bottles

Our customers expect the brands they enjoy to be in perfect condition when they buy them – and we want them to stand out on the shelf. We also want to use packaging which has the lowest environmental impact while protecting, delivering and presenting the quality of our brands – this includes developing options to reuse packaging 

Our targets

We’ve set six sustainable packaging targets for 2030.

  • Reduce total packaging weight by 10%
  • Increase recycled content to 60% for all packaging
  • Make 100% of our packaging widely recyclable
  • Sustainably source all our paper and board packaging to ensure zero net deforestation.
  • Achieve 40% average recycled content in all plastic bottles by 2025 and 100% by 2030
  • Ensure 100% of our plastics will be designed to be recyclable, reusable or compostable in countries where we operate

We are continuously looking for ways to work with our suppliers, customers and consumers to ensure that our packaging is sustainable as well as effective. If you have can partner to support our goals in this space please visit Diageo Sustainable Solutions platform to find our more about our focus for collaboration.