Skills empowerment

We aim to promote sustainable growth through inclusive programmes that provide equal access for all to resources, skills and employment opportunities.

Bartender making a drink

We will support an inclusive and thriving hospitality sector that works for all. Providing skills and resources to 1.5 million people through the Diageo Bar Academy, and improving employability and livelihoods of a further 200,000 through Learning for Life and other skills initiatives (of which at least half are women). 

With a focus on adult education, our skills programmes are implemented in partnership with local educational, governmental and training organisations.

Our flagship skills programme, Learning for Life, provides tools, training and skills in key areas related to our industry and value chain including hospitality, entrepreneurship and bartending – and is designed to:

  • Promote gender equality and empower women and girls
  • Promote inclusive sustainable growth
  • Promote skills, employability, and lifelong learning
  • Promote better health and well-being.

Learning for Life matches high-potential individuals with vacancies within the industry and works to reduce the gap between people’s skills and the competencies required by employers. By ensuring work experience for at least 70% of participants, the programme supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of achieving employment and decent work for all.

It has become an integral part of our business since it launched in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2008 and now has a truly global presence, reaching more than 146,000 people since 2008, with typically more than 70% gaining permanent jobs.

Dene's story

Learning for Life provides young unemployed people such as Dene with opportunities to gain basic employability skills, specialist training and work experience. This dramatically improves their livelihoods and future opportunities.

Diageo Bar Academy

Diageo Bar Academy is an immersive training programme for established bar professionals consisting of physical trainings and online learnings to educate, inspire and inform bar and service staff, and venue owners. Resources include training and education, bar news, cocktail trends, drinks inspiration, and a global network of experts and insights from some of the industry's leading influencers and bartenders. For more details please visit the Diageo Bar Academy website.

Finding new ways to build skills

Finding new ways to build skills

Like everyone around us, we've needed to adapt quickly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Learning for Life (L4L) programme is a perfect example.

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