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Diageo Russia

UPDATED: On 2 March 2022, we suspended all exports of our products to Russia, and have also suspended the manufacturing of our beers, which are brewed locally under licence by third parties.

We believe that responsible drinking can be part of a balanced lifestyle and we encourage people to enjoy alcohol safely. We provide the information and tools for consumers to make informed choices, targeting specific issues and working to change harmful behavior and ensure we can all #drinkpositive.

Our initiatives

  • Our flagship DRINKiQ programme aims to raise the 'collective drink IQ' by increasing public awareness of the effects of alcohol and supporting responsible drinking.
  • Our Avtotrezvost project is a social initiative aimed at preventing drink driving. It is delivered by members of the Committee of Alcohol Producers and the Union of Russian Brewers together with the Moscow Automobile and Highway State Technical University and the National Union of Driving School Associations.

Our results so far

  • DRINKiQ has educated thousands of people on the dangers of harmful drinking: from senior students to business partners.
  • Since being established in 2013, our Avtotrezvost program has been delivered at over 200 driving schools in more than 14 regions. The project is set to be part of the educational platform for obligatory state drivers’ courses.