Diageo Ireland Unlimited Company

Diageo Ireland is the premium drinks business and one of the largest and best-performing food and drink exporters in Ireland.

An Irish powerhouse

Our operations have a positive impact on the economy that stretches across the island of Ireland. With over €1 billion in exports, we are the leading exporter of alcoholic beverages. We are also one of the most important contributors to the Irish rural economy – we purchase more Irish barley than anyone else and are one of the largest buyers of Irish dairy products.

We export more than €1 billion of high-quality beer and Baileys from the island of Ireland every year. We export three quarters of our beer – around 1.2bn pints – to 130 countries around the world.


Every year we purchase more than €275 million in goods and services from Irish companies and farmers, including cream from 230 million litres of fresh Irish milk. This is the equivalent of over 3% of Ireland’s total milk production.


Over 80% of the ingredients and packaging used to make Baileys is sourced from the island of Ireland. 99% of all Baileys produced is exported.

We use more than 130,000 tonnes of barley each year at St. James’s Gate, and 300 tonnes every day just to brew Guinness. We buy approximately 13% of Ireland’s total annual domestic production of barley.

Our people

Diageo Ireland employs around 1,200 highly skilled people across our five operations in Ireland, including brewing, production of liqueurs, marketing, sales and commercial support.

A great place to learn and grow

The wellbeing of our workforce is a key priority for us. We know that it’s not just an employee that comes to work every day, it’s a person with responsibilities, commitments and challenges. That is why we’ve created an environment where employees can thrive professionally, confident in the knowledge the company will support their efforts. This includes a range of targeted training programmes that encourage employees to develop their careers.

Diageo Ireland is proud to have won Best Place to Work two years in a row, in 2013 and 2014, in the prestigious Great Place to Work® competition. We’ve consistently featured in the top ten of the competition in recent years.

A fairer deal for consumers

Despite consumption rates that are close to the European average, moderate Irish drinkers are burdened with some of the highest alcohol taxes in Europe.

The average Irish drinker now pays 175% of the EU average, or €665 a year, in alcohol-related tax. This is more than twice the €302 the average drinker in Germany pays, despite the fact that consumption levels in Ireland and Germany are nearly identical.

Excise has a negative impact not just on the ability to invest in the industry and grow jobs and exports, but also on tourism, one of Ireland’s strongest performing sectors. Fáilte Ireland’s recent Visitor Attitudes Survey once again demonstrated that the Irish pub is one of the most important factors influencing tourists to visit Ireland. The Guinness Storehouse continues to be Ireland’s number one tourist attraction, attracting 1.6 million people annually.

It is now time for the government to reduce Ireland’s disproportionate excise rates, which put an unnecessary burden on the Irish consumer and undermine future investments in Ireland and jobs. These disproportionally high excise rates are also negatively impacting Ireland’s reputation as a value-for-money tourist destination.