Diageo Ireland Unlimited Company

Diageo Ireland is the premium drinks business and one of the largest and best-performing food and drink exporters in Ireland.

Alcohol in society

We know that for those adults who choose to drink, drinking alcohol in moderation can be part of a balanced lifestyle. We are proud of our commitment, over many decades, to encourage people to enjoy alcohol safely and to helping tackle irresponsible and underage drinking.

Our initiatives

  • In the last three years we have invested almost €3 million in initiatives to reduce underage drinking, drink driving, and binge drinking.
  • Every year we work with partner organisations, charities and voluntary and community groups to promote a healthier drinking culture.
  • com provides enhanced consumer information and supports consumers to make better informed choices about alcohol.

Our results so far

  • Almost 400,000 consumers undergo the DRINKiQ.com training at the Guinness Storehouse each year.
  • In 2016, we partnered with Collingwood Learning to deliver the Curriculum Council-endorsed ‘Smashed’ theatre education programme to 38 post-primary schools across Northern Ireland, reaching over 4,000 pupils.
  • In collaboration with partner organisations we support more than 100,000 parents to have the ‘Alcohol Conversation’ with their children.

Innovation: An information revolution

In May 2016, Smithwick’s became the first major beer brand in Ireland to provide consumers with full on-label alcohol content and nutritional information, including calories content, grams of alcohol per serve and warnings on drink driving and consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

The Smithwick’s labelling is part of the new Diageo Consumer Information Standards (DCIS) that will be included on all Diageo products. We developed the DCIS based on in-depth research of more than 1,500 consumers around the world to ensure the label designs reflected the way consumers want to receive – and can understand – information on alcohol content. 

We believe that responsible and moderate drinking can be part of a balanced lifestyle.  We want to provide consumers with the information, tools and resources that empower them to make informed choices about drinking or not drinking.