Diageo Australia

Diageo Australia is the leading premium spirits company in Australia and the proud owner of the Bundaberg Distilling Company.

The Australian Spirit

We are a leading producer of alcohol beverages, crafted, distilled and bottled in our facilities in Queensland and New South Wales and sold through licensed venues and retailers throughout Australia.

9.7 million

We produce 2.2 million cases of spirits and 7.5 million cases of premix drinks for the Australian market annually.

$180 million

Every year we purchase more than $180 million in goods and services from Australian companies, including more than 15,000 tonnes of molasses.

$30 million

We’ve invested almost $30 million in manufacturing facilities over the last three years, including a state-of-the-art warehouse in Huntingwood, Western Sydney.


Each month we work directly with more than 40,000 bars, hotels, restaurants and bottle shops to help them grow and develop their businesses.

Our people in Australia

People are at the heart of our business in Australia, and we are proud to have more than 450 talented people producing, marketing and selling our brands nationally.

A great place to learn and grow

We are a vibrant and diverse company where everyone has the opportunity to develop their careers – at every stage of their working life.

Our wide range of professional development initiatives include an Amazing People Manager Program for team leaders and a Leadership Performance Program for executive level leaders.

It’s not just about developing leaders. We also provide our people with the latest capability and tools to do their jobs effectively and grow in their chosen career.

In 2016, Diageo was placed 18th in LinkedIn’s list of the top 40 most sought after global companies to work for.

A fairer deal for Australian spirit drinkers

The effects of drinking a standard serving of one alcohol beverage or another are exactly the same because they contain the same amount, 10g, of alcohol.

Despite there being no evidence of increased risk from drinking one type of alcohol over another, the Australian government applies a significantly higher tax rate to spirits than to beer, wine and cider.

For example, in 2016 spirits and premix drinks accounted for less than one in five drinks consumed in Australia but generated almost 50% of alcohol excise duties.

“In 2016 spirits and premix drinks accounted for less than one in five drinks consumed in Australia but generated almost 50% of alcohol excise duties.”

There is also discrimination against spirits through a range of punitive restrictions on the sale of spirits in bars and clubs.

This means that Australian consumers are more restricted and pay an unnecessary premium to enjoy a cocktail or much loved brands such as Johnnie Walker.

We believe that alcohol is alcohol and that all categories of alcohol beverage– whether federally or across different states – should be taxed and regulated in a similar way.