Diageo Australia

Diageo Australia is the leading premium spirits company in Australia and the proud owner of the Bundaberg Distilling Company.

Sustainable development

We have a long history of creating shared value with the communities in which we operate – both in Australia and beyond. From promoting sustainable agriculture to sourcing local ingredients, we work hard to protect and preserve natural resources and to help local individuals, businesses and communities alike.

Reducing our environmental impact

We believe it is our responsibility to minimise the impact that our operations and products have on the environment and to actively work to protect the resources that our business and our communities need, including across our supply chain.

Water stewardship

  • We are guided by the Diageo Water Blueprint, which details our approach to water stewardship globally.
  • 100% of the waste water generated from the manufacture of Bundaberg Rum is treated and returned via irrigation to the region’s sugar cane crops.

Result: The amount of water we use to make 1 litre of product has reduced from 2.1 litres to 1.3 litres in the last ten years.

Carbon emissions

  • We are focused on reducing our carbon footprint and being more efficient in delivering effective manufacturing and business activities in a low-carbon future.
  • We exceeded our 2020 global target of a 50% reduction in direct carbon emissions by achieving a reduction of 67% against our 2007 baseline.

Result: 100% green steam is used for our distillation process, reducing our carbon emissions significantly.

Supporting the local economy through tourism

  • The Bundaberg Distillery has been an integral part of the local community for more than 125 years and we are committed to seeing it continue to grow.
  • We’ve recently invested $8.5 million in a new visitor experience, cementing the distillery as one of the leading tourist attractions in Queensland and bringing additional visitors and trade to the region.

Result: The Bundaberg Distillery attracts 75,000 visitors every year. Visitor numbers are up 15% since the facility was upgraded in 2016.

Mazí Mas Sydney

  • Diageo Australia partners with social enterprise Mazí Mas Sydney to provide skills, training and employment opportunities for migrant and refugee women in hospitality in Australia.
  • Throughout the year, Mazí Mas Sydney creates pop-up dinner events where participants can use their skills and training to work as head chefs, curating their own menu, as well as wait and bar staff. Diageo donates some of our famous products to be served at the events.

Result: The majority of women who’ve participated in the Mazí Mas Sydney program have gone on to find permanent employment.