Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC

Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC is the leading total beverage business in Ghana.


Growth in operating profit in FYI8


Growth in net sales in FY18


Growth in scotch in FY18

Established in 1960, our success is built on an outstanding collection of brands across a range of categories, including beer, stout and spirits Today, we are the only beverage company in Ghana listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Our business is sustained through innovation and we are constantly looking to create new experiences for our consumers. In 2015, we introduced Orijin Bitters to the Ghanaian market and have since developed variants such as the non-alcoholic Orijin Zero and Orijin Herbal Gin. In a fast-paced and dynamic market, we have also introduced plastic packaging for Malta Guinness, Alvaro and Orijin Zero to meet growing consumer demand for convenience.

At the same time, we work to ensure alcohol can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle through a range of initiatives and programmes that tackle misuse and promote moderation.

We are also committed to having a positive impact where we operate and are proud of our work to address issues such as water efficiency, carbon emissions, inclusion and diversity. We are inspired by programmes such as Water of Life, which has reached more than 700,000 people in over 70 communities in the last 10 years.

Guinness Ghana celebrating 60 years

Financial Results and Presentations

2020/2021 Annual Report

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Our brands

Our wide portfolio of much-loved brands include Guinness, Star Beer, Malta Guinness, Orijin and Smirnoff and are enjoyed by Ghanaians from all walks of life.


Our Reserve brands are key to our success in Ghana, delivering growth through innovative production, inspiring design and memorable experience.