East African Breweries Limited

East African Breweries Limited (EABL) is a regional leader in beverage alcohol with an exceptional collection of brands across beer and spirits.

Sustainable development

We have aligned our business with the Global Sustainable Development Goals in order to secure the future of our business and protect livelihoods. We have also created our Growing Value Together commitment to recognise the partnerships we have throughout our value chain.

Reducing our environmental impact

We have adopted a range of best-practice environmental methods to minimise our impact on the environment around us.

Our initiatives

  • We have set commitments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chains, sustainably sourcing all paper and board packaging and reducing packaging.
  • We’re working with Nature Kenya to restore 250 acres of Mount Kenya Forest by planting 100,000 tree seedlings.
  • Our 1,500 employees understand they each contribute to energy conservation and that individual efforts can lead to big gains for everyone.
  • We have invested in a best-in-class Kshs 28 million wastewater treatment plant, with a capacity to recycle 240,000 litres of water per hour.

Our results so far

  • In the last three years we have seen a 4% reduction in water usage per liter packaged, 25% reduction in Biochemical Oxygen Demand, 4% kWh improvement in energy efficiency and 30% reduction in waste to landfill.
  • We have planted and nurtured over one million tree seedlings so far, with an 85% success rate.
  • We’ve also planted almost half a million trees for the conservation of the Ndakaini dam, which is Nairobi’s main water reservoir.
  • 70% of the energy that we consume comes from thermal power while only 20% is from electricity.

Building thriving communities

Our social investment initiatives are carefully chosen to support communities with the greatest need and are developed with a long-term outlook.

Our initiatives

  • Our Water of Life programme in Kajiado County, Kenya has improved the lives of the Maasai community, by giving around 11,000 people and 20,000 livestock access to safe, reliable and affordable water supply.
  • A water project we support in Siaya County, Kenya is currently providing water access to 7,000 local residents.
  • We have partnered with the Global Peace Foundation and Chandaria Foundation to donate a borehole and five 10,000 litre tanks to serve the health centre, police post and youth groups in Nairobi.

Our results so far

  • Through our value chain we are creating employment for over 60,000 farmers, sustainable income for over 17,000 Senator Keg retailers and revenue for 100 Senator Keg distributors.
  • Our Water of Life programmes have reach over 2 million people in Kenya so far.
  • We have given over 250 scholarships to students who wouldn’t be able to attend college otherwise.
  • We have also launched a vocational training programme to provide young people with necessary employment skills.