Diageo Africa

Diageo employs and manufactures locally throughout Africa, producing local brands with locally sourced materials. It has scale, depth, and a significant footprint as a committed local investor.

From grain to glass 

We seek to empower the communities we work in and to support the wider development and progress of the countries in which our brands are sold. While our programmes are driven by local priorities, the themes we focus on are sustainable agriculture, creating employment, providing skills and access to clean water.

Sustainable by design

A resilient and thriving agriculture is fundamental for Africa, enhancing productivity and building sustainable supply chains, as is a sustainable environment to support it. 

Our initiatives

  • We know that reforestation across Africa is vital in supporting water systems across Africa; this year employees have planted over 255,000 trees.
  • In Ghana we have pioneered a recycling model in GRIPE which we are working to replicate in appropriate ways across our markets with support from the above market Africa Plastics Recycling Alliance founded in 2019. 
  • Our longstanding connection with farmers has resulted in some of our most developed programmes, we continued to support groups of smallholder farmers through a selection of training, access to seeds and fertilisers, access to capital through micro-loans, and engagement with NGOs and other stakeholders to build financial resilience. 

Our results so far

  • Through partnerships in 2020 we have delivered water to 170,000 people in communities across Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Chad and Cameroon. 
  • n Kumasi, Ghana this year we completed a sanitation building made exclusively from plastic modified concrete. While monthly community clean-ups and plastics buy-back programmes thrive.  
  • Through our partnership with Food Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA) and Lagos State Water Ways Authority in Nigeria, we launched the coastal clean-up programme to remove plastic waste from Lagos Water Bodies.  

At the heart of our communities

Across Africa we work on campaigns which align with our global goals, focusing on empowering communities. We understand that we can only thrive when they do.  

Our initiatives

  • Our Water of Life programme provides a pan-regional and effective water management programme on a community and commercial basis.  
  • Our Water Blueprint aligns with the UN global sustainability goals on water stewardship. It has three parts; conservation, treatment and provision (WASH) and replenishment (reforestation). 
  • We aim to empower women in different ways, including through supportive networks and initiatives and by working with CARE International to support entrepreneurial female farmers.   

Our results so far

  • In 2020 we surpassed our 2020 Water Replenishment target delivering 1,089,140 m3 of water to African communities representing 108% of our original target. 
  • We implemented 12 WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) projects in six African markets through our partnership with WaterAid. Separate to this are our irrigation and reforestation projects which involve large scale employee planting activations.
  • In Kenya, through our partnership with Africa Initiative for Rural Development (AIRD) Government and Government polytechnics,  2337 young people were trained in technical and vocational skills.  Across Africa, in total we provided skills and training to 2467 people.