Our strategy

Our ambition is to be one of the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products companies in the world. We pursue the following strategy to deliver this ambition.

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The global spirits category has shown resilient, long-term growth. This is being driven by population and income growth, and the increasing penetration of spirits around the world.

Our strategy is to support premiumisation in developed and emerging countries. Our broad portfolio means we can access different consumer occasions with our brands, across price points.

In developed markets, we support premiumisation through our premium core and reserve brands.

These enable consumers to trade up into luxury categories.

In emerging markets, we aim to grow participation in international premium spirits. To support this, we participate in mainstream spirits so consumers can access our brands at affordable price points. This also enables us to shape responsible drinking trends in markets where international premium spirits is an emerging category.

We have a global beer business, led by our premium brand Guinness. Beer is our second largest category after scotch. We have a large beer business in Africa with a portfolio that reaches across price points.

Everywhere we operate, we aim to do so in a responsible and sustainable way.

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Our global reach

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Our regional profile provides us with exposure to the greatest consumer growth opportunities in our sector. We operate as a market-based business and have a presence in over 180 countries.

Each of our markets is accountable for its own performance and for driving growth. We employ 27,775 talented people across our global business.

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Sustainability and responsibility

Our sustainability and responsibility goals are fundamental to our strategy and cover the following three areas.

  • Leadership in alcohol in society: Our goal is to create a positive role for alcohol in society through partnerships and programmes that reduce harmful drinking.

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  • Pioneering grain to glass sustainability: For our business to be sustainable, it needs to create enduring value – for us and for those around us. We must positively impact the communities in which we live, work, source and sell and protect the natural resources on which we all depend

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  • Champion inclusion and diversity: We know that to be one of the best performing consumer products companies we need to leverage the broadest range of backgrounds, skills and capabilities, and create a fully inclusive, high-performing culture.

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