Supply graduate programme

27,775 people work for Diageo and over half of them are in our supply chain. It’s an intricate and sophisticated operation that’s the product of logistical, manufacturing and technical collaborations all around the world. Join this programme and you’ll receive a exhilarating varied experience.

Get the international perspective

During your three years with us you'll grow your expertise in a number of areas. These could include how we innovate and grow our people, brands and the environment, how we make our products and the manufacturing process, how we bring together the materials and ingredients for the production of our products, plus how we ensure they get out in the market for customers to buy. And you'll get an international perspective. The products we supply and the challenges we face vary from country to country, so it's important that you understand how Diageo operates as an international company. We'll help you build a diverse global network and give you the opportunity to join an international organisation.

“Diageo has given me the opportunity to work in a range of locations, from a small seaside town in Scotland to the busy city centre of Budapest. I love the diversity of roles that you get to experience on the Supply Graduate Programme, it has helped me develop so much, both professionally and personally.”


Demand Planning Analyst

Shape the future

We want your ideas to improve our processes and help shape our future. You could be looking at ways to drive sustainability in all we do, helping develop more cost-effective bottling techniques or creating innovative new packaging methods.

Crucially, you'll have the chance to experience how we do things first hand. You might, for example, see how we produce Captain Morgan rum in the US or visit Ireland to discover how we make Guinness, the world's number one stout. Wherever the programme takes you, there’s no better platform for a career in our Global Supply organisation.

Planning & Logistics Graduate Programme

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In the Plan and Logistics teams you’ll work with experts who drive agility into our end-to end global supply chain to ensure we are ‘best in class’. Planning drives what products and materials exist across our supply chain to meet customer needs. You’ll help ensure the right products are in the right location at the right time. Our Logistics team manages the warehousing, transport, and delivery of our products from the manufacturing site to our customers across the globe. 



Technical Graduate Programme

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In the Technical team you’ll work with experts in brand change, science and technology, safety, quality, environmental sustainability, and governance to ensure we innovate and grow while protecting our people, brands, and the environment. 

Engineering Graduate Programme

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In the Engineering team you’ll work at the heart of an enormous global manufacturing operation where you will get the chance to work on industry leading technology and, of course, help us shape the future! As an Engineer in our talented team you’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of efficient and effective maintenance and repairproblem solving and improvement of assets and their availability across sites.  

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Launch a career, helping us source, produce and deliver 6.5 billion litres of products every year.

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