Diageo’s stable of iconic brands relies heavily on our finance team. This is an opportunity to play a central role in their strategy and delivery, and help them unlock their potential.

Be an influential figure

We’re a 27,650-strong, £12.2 billion revenue organisation, selling 6.5 billion litres of spirits and beer in 180 countries. And a global business of scale, scope and ambition. We’ll look to you to bring a financial perspective to all our operations, ideas and initiatives.

Variety is everywhere. Some finance teams focus on controls or risk management. Others on our evolution as a business; anything from acquisitions and disposals to joint ventures, strategic relationships and distributions agreements.

Make a high-level impact

You could get involved with our senior leadership’s work outlining and delivering our high-level strategies. You could join colleagues who centre their attention on our investor, tax or treasury affairs. Your challenge may be to help deliver key financial and business reports that fine-tune our activities. Or you might join our Global Business Services colleagues as they make us ever-more efficient. And if today’s opportunities seem bright and numerous, your future’s only going to get more interesting.

“During my time at Diageo I have had the pleasure of working with a number of high caliber individuals who have had a big impact on advancing my skills and career. I have always found Diageo’s work environment to be extremely collaborative and there are so many opportunities to learn and develop through a wide range of global opportunities.”

Tobi Jibodu
Tobi Jibodu

Global Business Development Senior Manager

““Finance is a collaborative function to be a part of, encouraging employees to bring outside-in perspectives, scanning our competitive landscape, and actively proposing new ideas that drive our performance. In Group Strategy, we’re often answering tough and ambiguous questions, but this also makes it incredibly rewarding when we solve them! The decisions we make today will influence our performance tomorrow and in the future."”

Tom Elliott
Tom Elliott

Group Strategy Senior Manager

Find your opportunity

Compliance team

This team ensures we have an effective and embedded control environment that delivers robust controls and reduced compliance risk while allowing for agility, flexibility, and transparency.

Global Audit and Risk

Here you’ll report on and analyse Diageo's key risks and provide independent and objective assurance on the company's capacity to manage risk.

Global Business Development

This team aims to maximise and protect shareholder value on business development transactions such as acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures and strategic relationships, production and distribution agreements, and equity transactions involving third parties.

Group Strategy

Group Strategy works with leaders across Diageo to resolve high-stake issues and to find opportunities and create possibilities. Core responsibilities include corporate strategy, multi-market strategic issues and developing market strategy execution.

Investor Relations

Join this team and you’ll ensure that our investors and other financial stakeholders have the appropriate understanding of our business, including historical performance and future strategy - all to support sound investment decision-making.


This team manages Diageo’s tax affairs to ensure compliance with all fiscal obligations in all territories in which we operate.


These teams deliver exemplary financing and risk management across all parts of our business.

Management Information

This is an integrated team that delivers a range of services, including business performance management reporting, financial reporting, forecasting and planning, and risk, controls and compliance oversight.

Global Business Services

Join this team and you’ll play an important role in financial control and the core processes that we manage on behalf of our markets. Read more about our Global Business Services.

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