Apprentice Programme

Your route to a future to be proud of

We love our premium drinks brands at Diageo – and the expertise, skills and quality that go into making, bottling and distributing them all over the world. That’s why our apprentice programmes are so important – and such a great opportunity. Join one of them and you’ll be trained to create something truly special.

If there’s one thing that marks out our programmes, it’s variety. One size doesn’t fit all here. 

And the variety doesn’t end there. Depending on which programme most suits you, you’ll learn for two, three or four years. You’ll enjoy an exciting blended learning approach of in the classroom, in the workshop and on-site putting everything into real-world-practice.

Learn every day, every way

Recognised national qualifications matter to us. You’ll study for the ones specific to your programme (e.g. an SCQF Level 6, HNC in Engineering). But learning goes way beyond the classroom. We have teams at our various sites who have experience and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. And what’s more, they’ll like nothing more than sharing it with you.

You're never on your own

Support is everything at Diageo. It’s not a sink-or-swim environment here. In fact, quite the opposite. Talk to our current apprentices and they’ll tell you it’s more like a family. If you don’t know something, just ask.

Love the buzz

The pace of things is great too. You’ll learn quickly, enjoy the buzz of progress being made every day and you’ll be very proud to see the end result of your efforts when our premium drinks are shipped off to be enjoyed all around the world. It’s a very powerful thing to be able to say: ‘I did that’.

As a global company, we are always looking for great talent. Our opportunities are endless and we believe that the journey starts with our apprentices.

We’re looking for apprentices with real character. This is your chance to create a truly exciting future. Wherever you join us, you’ll need what we call character - curiosity, energy, resilience and a willingness to grow.  Explore the links to see where you might fit in.


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In Scotland and England, this four-year programme is structured to get the very best out of you. Year one will see you in college full time, split between the classroom and the workshop as you learn the fundamentals. Year two and three will be on-site four days a week, with one day in college to study for your Engineering HNC. Year four will be based in the workplace full time working alongside time served professionals as a key member of the team.  

In Northern Ireland, this three-year programme is structured to get the very best out of you. Year one and two will be on-site three days a week, with two days in college to study for your Mechatronic Engineering qualification. Year three will be based in the workplace 4 days per week working alongside time served professionals as a key member of the team with one day per week completing your college course.

Packaging Operator

Applications are currently closed.

Every week you’ll find yourself in the workplace and completing college work. You’ll have in-depth training on the different machines and different bottling lines. You’ll learn the end-to-end manufacturing process including quality checks, process improvements, line stoppages, machine maintenance and fault-finding, among much else.

Your college time will give you an introduction to the principles of manufacturing excellence and you’ll learn about food safety, quality, environment and health & safety.

And at the end of the programme, you’ll roll off with bags of experience, a SCQF Level 5 qualification in Food Manufacturing Excellence and a genuine prospect of a job.

“At Diageo, we hire for character over competence. We want apprentices to demonstrate genuine passion, have ambition and continually challenge themselves to grow and be their authentic self. Join our Apprenticeship programme and you will have a bright future at Diageo.”


Talent Engagement Manager

Scotland's first female coppersmith

The most traditional of crafts has achieved a new first with a female apprentice taking up the coppersmith’s hammer and torch.


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